Beyond The Sea

OOOO I like this band very much.

PHOX- Settle Down (Kimbra Cover)

I was watching Game Grumps/ Steam Train play Hotline Miami and goddamn this game has one sweet soundtrack

I Think I Like You- Donora

An old video of my bird preening. Simba the cute and angry fluffball

New Bioshock Infinite trailer. ooooooooooh yes

Foux Du FaFa- Flight of the Conchords

Because I love them so oo oo much 

Jaded- Aerosmith

I painted my nails with a polish called Jaded and since this song has been stuck in my head

Trembling Hands (Acoustic)- The Temper Trap

Favorite song. His voice is just wonderful

Tonight You Belong To Me- The Secret Sisters

I heard this when I was staying at a hotel the night I got back from Italy, its so lovely and just soothing

Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

It’s Nice To Be Alive- Ball Park Music

Also the lead singer looks incredibly like David Tennant. 

You don’t understand, I’ve had my bird for like, 18 years and he has NEVER let me pet him. IT IS A GLORIOUS DAY INDEED. Simba baby yay

Also this is happening while watching The Birds. hahahah

Posting this for the millionth time because it always makes me smile and I will learn this dance over the summer. Let it be known

Cameo Lover- Kimbra

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